Affiliate program

IAmRich.Lol token What is this? TL:DR;

A totally useless token which can purchased because you can afford it. A simple show off in your wallet. It gives you the reminder everytime you check your wallet that YOU made it. Only 1234 tokens available and the price of the token is continously raising until it becomes ridicoulosly expensive. Buy here >>

Affiliate program

How it works?

You promote your own referral link – lucky MoFo-s come and buy the token – You get your comission.
Pretty easy and straightforward – it can explained in 3 steps.

Register as an Affiliate

Register on the form below and activate your account.

Log in to the dashboard

You can find your own referral link and some swag to share.

Track your shares and earn

You can track every site visit and sales from your link.

What's the Math?

Referral comissions between 20% - 40% after every comfirmed sell. Self sale comissions are not allowed.

Register now

Please fill in the forms to register to our program. You have to activate your account so please doublecheck your e-mail address.